Potential benefits and considerations
of surgery and bracing


Limb contractures are common in neuromuscular diseases such as SMA5

Contractures may occur in patients who have lost, or never achieved, the ability to ambulate. They contribute to reduced functional range of motion, loss of function for activities of daily living, and increased pain. One study found reductions in range of motion by >20° among 22% to 50% of patients with later-onset (consistent with Type II) SMA. Hip, knee, and wrist contractures were most common. Orthopaedic treatment often consists of range-of-motion exercises in order to prevent fixed joint contractures.6


Mobility-assistive technology

Power-assistive mobility devices may be considered for individuals with severe or progressive disease who suffer from fatigue and lack of endurance, allowing them to conserve energy and focus more on activities of daily living. Children with SMA who are as young as 20 months of age have demonstrated safe, independent use of powered wheelchairs.6

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