The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Children’s Assessment Centre (CAC) Level 3

Cnr Hawkesbury Road and Hainsworth St

Westmead NSW 2145


  (02) 9485 1325

  (02) 9845 3905

For scheduling enquiries, please contact:

Daralyn Hodgson, Neurogenetics Clinic Coordinator


  (02) 9485 1325

For medical enquiries, please contact:

 (02) 9845 0028

Referrals are accepted by:


  (02) 9845 3906 (Marked Attention Daralyn Hodgson)

  Daralyn Hodgson

     Neurogenetics Clinic

     The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

     Cnr Hawkesbury Road and Hainsworth St

     Westmead NSW 2145


Referrals to our Neuromuscular Clinic are accepted only from paediatricians. All referrals to the service are discussed at a triage meeting, and allocated to the most appropriate next available clinic slot. If your referral is urgent, or if you would like to discuss the need for referral to our clinic for a child with a possible neuromuscular disorder, please contact the Neuromuscular/Neurogenetics Fellow or Specialist on call (contact via the switchboard 9845 0000). 


Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

High Street

Randwick NSW 2031


  (02) 9382 1845

  (02) 9382 1208

Referrals are preferred by fax, however phone calls are accepted for urgent cases. Referrals by general practitioners and other specialists are accepted.


Royal Children’s Hospital

50 Flemington Road

Parkville VIC 3052


  (03) 9345 5522

Referrals are preferred by fax to the RCH referral line, (03) 9345 5034 or by email to clinics@rch.org.au, however calls to Daniella Villano or Monique Ryan (through switch on (03) 9345 5522) are requested for urgent cases. Referrals from general practitioners and paediatricians are accepted.


Queensland Children's Hospital

501 Stanley Street

South Brisbane QLD 4101


  (07) 3068 4041

Referrals are preferred through the hospital referral system – please visit https://www.childrens.health.qld.gov.au/chq/health-professionals/referring-patients/how-to-submit-referral/. Referrals are accepted from paediatricians only. Referrals from general practitioners are accepted for patients who have already been diagnosed (a copy of the genetic results must be included).


Perth Children's Hospital

Roberts Road

Subiaco WA 6008


  (08) 9340 7186

  (08) 9340 7063

Referrals should be directed to Jodi Mann (Clinical Nurse). Referrals from general practitioners and other specialists are accepted.


Women's and Children's Hospital

72 King William Road

North Adelaide SA 5006


  (08) 8161 7308

  (08) 8161 6224

Referrals are accepted by:

Dr Damian Clark (Neurology Staff Specialist)

Dr Suzanna MacLennan (Neurology Staff Specialist)

Referrals are preferred by mail, email or fax. Telephone calls are accepted for urgent cases only. Referrals to the neuromuscular clinic are accepted from neurologists and rehabilitation physicians, for patients up to 18 years of age. Referrals to the general neurology department are accepted from general practitioners and paediatricians.